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We import the books via Expedite Couriers like DHL, Fedex and DSV etc.
It normally takes  10-14 business days for customers in Korea. As for customers staying in  foreign countries , it will take 21 business days .  It's possible to be delayed more 

along the unexpected conditions of the process of international trade, though.

Refund Policy

As for the orders that are confirmed , it's not available to cancel or refund along with the policy that it is not available for us to return back to the publishers from the the USA and the UK.

Payment methods

1.As for the customers who order from South Korea,  Kindly transfer the total amount to our Bank Account , then  send the message via email or mobile message to confirm your order !
2. If you are not available to transfer the payment, we will support you to pay via Credit card, Kindly send us an  email or text message .

3.As for PayPal payment, your billing address should be in foreign address. As for customers who is in the Korean address, it's not available to use PayPal System

Order from Schools or companies

Kindly send us the order form via email. We will send you an Invoice with educational consulting services

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